What is a Changemaker?

New Zealand has a rich history of cultural change, technological innovation, progressive social policy, entrepreneurship and community development that today we take for granted. There are many examples but here are a few: Te Tiriti O Waitangi, women’s suffrage, social security, state housing, diary cooperatives, playcentres, kohanga reo, nuclear free NZ. The list is long.

Behind each of these achievements were dedicated, hard working individuals who made change happen. One name used to describe these extraordinary, everyday people is “changemakers”. All across New Zealand there are people going the extra mile to support their communities, improve the environment they live in, and create value and beauty in the world.

There are two main goals of this website - and the films, events and ideas you’ll find here. Firstly we want to acknowledge and celebrate the fantastic work of individual changemakers and the organsations they work for. There are many ways in which New Zealand leads the world in this work and we don’t hear enough about it in the mainstream media.

Secondly we want to support more people to connect with what their unique contribution is. There is a role for absolutely everyone in creating the future we want to see and there no better time to begin! Some of the projects you see here are profoundly individual, and some involve whole communities. What all these people have in common is a sense of purpose and the intention to leave the world a richer place than they found it.

About Us

Changemakers New Zealand is a creative collaboration between the ReGeneration Trust www.regeneration.org.nz and the many individuals and organisations who support the Changemakers project by presenting at our workshops, appearing on the films and generously giving their time, ideas and advice. Our goal in working together is to foster the inspiration, enterprise and entrepreneurship that creates positive change. Changemakers does this through an innovative programme of events, workshops, media production and collaborative partnerships.

If you’d like to get involved or if you just want to know more about Changemakers or any of the ideas you’ve seen here please contact Billy or Lani.


Lani Evans and Iain Frengley filming Robin Guyton on the 2011 ReGeneration Roadtrip in Southland.


Charlotte Squire from Happyzine will be speaking at the 2012 Changemakers Auckland Convention.


Robin Allison from the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship hosting visitors at Earthsong.


Join us for a day of inspirational presentations from leading changemakers from Christchurch and around New Zealand.

Changemakers Christchurch Convention

4th May 2012 Geodome, Hagley Park, Christchurch


The Changemakers Social Entrepreneur Masterclass is a four-day retreat based professional development programme hosted by senior practitioners.

Social Entrepreneur Masterclass

3rd - 6th September 2012 Vaughan Park, Long Bay


ReGeneration is a nation wide network of young changemakers. Summer Jam is our big annual get together and you’re invited!

ReGeneration Summer Jam

19th - 25th January 2013 Living Springs, Christchurch